3rd Feature Bulletin

Enabling Google Translate Languages

As an organization administrator, you can select translation languages based on your organizations membership base so that Google translate can translate the content to the native languages of your members.


Click Here for more information and help content on enabling google translate language

Outstanding Payment Alerts

Our latest release enables users to complete outstanding payments more easily. If a user has outstanding team or registration fees, a button will appear on their dashboard alerting them of the remaining cost. All the user has to do is click on the button and will be redirected to a page where they can complete the payment. If the user is not being prompted by an alert button, there are no outstanding payments present.


 Click Here for more information on this topic.

Requiring Player Photos at Registration

There is now a setting offered that allows organization administrators to require a user photo. The setting can be for individual or parent / child memberships. You can set the user / player photo as a mandatory field. This is great way to ensure all your members will have a photo associated with their profile.


For help content on enabling this setting, click here.

Search Function For Managing Players

Are you an org admin with many registrants trying to locate a player in a hurry? We've made improvements to our search function. Now you can locate a particular player with greater ease by searching a player by player name, parent name or email.


Click Here for more details on this search function

Scholarship and Fee Waivers

As an org admin, you are now enabled to award full or partial scholarships to players and waive any member or division registration fee. When fee waiver or scholarships is selected for a player or registrant, the org admin can indicate either a full or partial payment amount to be immediately credited to the registrant.

Click Here for instructions on adding these forms of manual payments

Quickly See if all Players On a Team Have Paid Their Fees

This new feature allows administrators to do a quick count of how many players on a given team have paid out of the total registered.


For more details on the player count feature click here

PDF / Team Schedule for Parents and Coaches

Parents and coaches can now download, view or print a team's schedule in pdf format. Visit our help solutions for instructions on how to view a team's pdf schedule.

Membership Renewals

After a membership expires, a renewal message will automatically appear on the member dashboard. Members can click on the renew button and will be directed to the registration flow to update payment and edit membership information. For more details on this feature, Click Here


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