2nd Feature Bulletin

1) Print Roster from Coach's Dashboard - We added a new feature to the coach's dashboard that allows you to view and print your team roster. Rosters have been updated to separate active / inactive players and staff members

Upcoming Games for Leagues - For leagues, the references on the public division pages to Today's Upcoming Games were more appropriately changed to This Week's Upcoming games with corresponding filter changes.

 Add Membership Option & Redesign (Invite Member functionality on Members) - We added a required membership option drop-down, required field for last name, required child and parent info fields (for Youth memberships), and displayed membership validation fields for non-RSportz memberships (e.g. AAU when applicable).

4) (NJB) Basketball: 5 Period Scoresheet (PRE-GAME) - Scoresheet added for 5 period basketball.

5) Rosters & Scoring (Players and staff separated) - Public division pages and org admin rosters now list team staff and players separately. Players are divided by active and inactive. The play by play scoring drop-downs also no longer list team staff in the scoring actions.

6) Label Changes for Custom Field Types - We changed the previous custom fields labels from Multi Select to SINGLE SELECT DROP-DOWN and Checkbox to MULTI-SELECT CHECKBOX. 

New twitter widget - We have a twitter feed widget that only appeared on the old default home page. We moved it to the CMS tool to make it accessible on home pages using layouts.

8) Icons on the Admin Panel - 
We changed the icons for Help and Website and removed the tab for Tie Breakers.

Coach's Dashboard - The icons and paid metric were made bigger and the Schedule PDF text link was converted to a calendar icon. Three icons now appear in the upper right for Team Staff.

Added Fields to Member CSV Export - To give org admins more information, we added the following fields in the member export: Membership Option, Reg Date, Paid Status, Paid Amount, Total Due and Exp Date. We also created each line item to show each membership separately.

Registration Types - The previous registration type labels caused some confusion on how to use them so we changed them: Individual to ADULT and Parent/child to YOUTH.

Division Pages - Season has been added to the header  - Division pages previously did not show season in the header which was confusing for competitions with multiple seasons. We added the season to be included directly before the competition name in the title (e.g. 2015 FIRS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS instead of FIRS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.) Many customers have been including the season in both the title of the competition AND the division.

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