3rd feature bulletin 1/27/16

Hiding Stats on Public Pages

Organization admins have the option to hide the statistics page from being viewed in the public pages. This is a useful feature for organizations that do not keep track of individual player statistics. Removing this page from public view, when not in use, prevents confusion among the organization's members. The following will show you where to locate the option to remove the statistics page and what it will do to the public pages:

Allow an "Add Row" under layouts

recent update made it possible to add rows to your layout. If you want to add more content, or need a row type that isn't on your page yet, you can add as many rows as necessary. This can be useful for dictating how rows wrap on mobile views.

Registration PDF and Bulk Printing (Team & Division)

After completing any form of registration (Youth, Adult, Team, etc), a copy of said registration displaying all information entered during the process is available to be downloaded. Click here to read more about it.

LGRW: New Design on Public View

The latest game results widget is a useful tool which shows all of the latest scores. It can be placed anywhere on the page. Click here to see the most recent updates.

Org Admin: Resetting Passwords

Org Admins have been given the ability to manually reset passwords for their members. Click here for instructions on sending out a  "password reset" email to a member of your organization.

Game Score Reset

In the event that a game was scored incorrectly, or the wrong game was scored, you can reset the score rather easily. Doing this will remove the scores for that game, and set the status back to scheduled. Additionally any public pages will be updated to reflect this, such as team stats pages and the WLT record of the teams who are set for that match. Click here for the details on this newly released feature.

Basketball Score Re-label

The RSportz platform supports both 4 quarter and 5 period basketball, as well as 2 period and 3 period inline hockey. Previously, the sports names were ambiguous and could lead to confusion. The names have been changed in order to reduce the chance of mistakes. Click here for more on this revision.

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