4th Feature Bulletin 12/02/15

Handling Refunds

Refunding a player is necessary to remove them from the league or tournament they are in. Players can not be removed without having an outstanding balance of $0. Heres a quick tutorial on how to remove paid players from a a league.

Manage Teams View

The new manage teams view offers additional functionality and collects more information that can be useful as an organization administrator. Click Here for more details on the latest enhancements.

Edit Account Info

Click Here for help content on editing account info as an organization administrator. 

Click Here for help content on editing account info as an account holder.

Bulk Emailer Window

Here's a review of the latest upgrades to the recipient list window on our bulk email feature.

Bulk Roster Printing

There is a new button on Games page that allows multiple PDF rosters to be downloaded and printed. This lets org administrators print rosters from each team on the games listing. Click this link for more information.

Member Delete: Allow Child Orgs to Delete Members with Membership

On the RSportz platform, you are able to delete a member from a child organization without removing that person's membership from the parent organization. A member can only be deleted if they have a $0 balance with the organization. Here's the details on the process.

Box Title on Games

The Box Title is a great way to label an important game and have it visible to our audience. The box title shows on the division's game schedule but now has been updated to appear on scoresheets, upcoming games, recent results and live scoring. This new feature is beneficial to org admins, score keepers, game facilitators and spectators. Click Here to read more about it.  

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