6th Feature Bulletin (6.24.15 - 2.24.16)

Sports Ticker Widget 

The Sports Ticker Widget is a newly introduced widget on the RSportz platform. It offers a fast view of game information in a ticker style display, making it very easy to find a game. It can display games that have already been scored, but it can also display games that have yet to happen as well as their date and time. It contains information such as game numbers, dates, times, teams, scores, and divisions. Each card also links to the "Live Scoring" page for that game.


As an org admin, you are now enabled to award full or partial scholarships to players and waive any member or division registration fee. When fee waiver or scholarships is selected for a player or registrant, the org admin can indicate either a full or partial payment amount to be immediately credited to the registrant. The Paid By field will be automatically populated with the short name of the organization.

Incomplete Registrations

An organization's members tab provides access to an overview of all current members of an organization. The members list is available to all organization administrators. The following article will explain the information that is displayed on the members list and the functionality of buttons/icons that are present. Click here to find out the details.

Editable Team Names

Click here for a step by step guide on editing team names for your organization.

Age Group Restrictions

We've now added the ability to enforce age restrictions during registration. This is beneficial to org admins because it allows our system to filter out under-aged or over-aged members before they successfully register to a division. This is designed to help each organization avoid the disarray of having registrants misplaced in a division that does not match their age group. 

Automated "In Progress" Game Status

Setting the status of games allows parents and players to quickly see when games have started, completed, or are scheduled. The status can be manually changed at any time, though some automation is in place. For instance, the first time a scorekeeper chooses lists a game action, the status will immediately switch to "In Progress". Click here for more details on this feature.

Scores Only Scoring Shortcut

The scoring method functionality has been updated in a couple ways to make for a better user experience. Here's more information on the most recent improvements.

Members Show Completed Memberships

Many improvements have been made to the members page to allow org admins greater ease and capability when it comes to viewing and filtering different memberships and registrations. Click here for an update on the latest enhancements.

Google Translate Available 

As an organization administrator, you can select translation languages based on your organizations membership base so that Google translate can translate the content to the native languages of your members.

Drag & Drop Divisions

New functionality to the competitions page allows org admins the ability to change the ordering of divisions and move existing divisions to a new season. Click on this link for a quick guide to utilizing this new feature.

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