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7th Feature Bulletin ( 11.04.15 - 02.24.16 )

Registration PDF

After completing any form of registration (Youth, Adult, Team, etc), a copy of that registration, containing all information entered during the process, is available to be downloaded. This is useful for parents, guardians, or other participants who would like to see/save the registration that they just completed. Also, some organizations may make player packets and administrators can include this registration PDF in that packet.  

Team Transfer

This newly released improvement allows for the ability to move teams between divisions while still maintaining important information. 

Team Deletion

New enhancements have been made that enable org admins to delete teams from divisions with a schedule that has already been created and published. 

Registration Rate Adjustments

Many users wish to have multiple tiers in registration pricing in order to create an incentive for early signups. When originally creating the details of your division, you can set the registration charge to an initial fee (often called an Early Bird Rate) and designate when that fee will increase. After the set date has passed, you can adjust the registration rate to the next tier of pricing.

HTML Validator

The HTML widget is a great widget that lets you add whatever content you want to a page. It can be used to embed div's or iframe's and even lists. Any html you can write can be added. 

All Stars

Players invited to join the all star teams of an organization are typically the best players within their respective divisions. They usually play against other divisional all star teams from other organizations. If an organization is not hosting all star games, then they do no have direct access to some important information regarding their all star teams. This article shows the creation of an example custom page that can be made to provide links to the standings and schedule pages for your organization's all star teams. 

Updated Adjust Charges

If a member pays for their registration offline with cash, they accidentally choose the wrong answer for a custom field and have a fee applied to their registration that they shouldn't, or any other reason their payment status will be incorrect can be rectified by either adjusting the charges on their account or by adding a manual payment.

Adding Games to a Published Schedule

As an org admin you have the ability to add games to a division after the schedule has already been published. This can be extremely useful if a game or two was simply missed when being added, if you wanted to add practice games, desired to extend the season by a few games, or wanted to wait until after the regular season games were played before publishing the playoffs schedule. New games can be added manually one at a time, or imported using a .csv file.

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