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9th Feature Bulletin (09.23.15 - 03.09.16)

Archive Seasons

Archiving seasons is a way to store seasons that have already happened, which lets you organize your seasons more easily. When a season has been completed, it is a good idea to archive that season. The data from the events is still stored safely in the archives and can be retrieved at any time. 

Incomplete Registrations

The incomplete registrations view shows you incomplete member registrations. This is an important feature for organization administrators because it allows you to see which players started the registration process but didn't finish. If you don't see someone in the Members tab, this is a good place to check.  

Admin Dashboard 

Keep track of the growth and progress of your organization on the admin dashboard.


Activity Log on Incomplete Registrations

An activity log on the Incomplete Registrations view is essentially a timeline that can be referenced to trace the steps a user took during registration. This tool can provide further information as to why an initial registration or membership was uncompleted. 

Offline to Skipped

If you have set up your division with the ability for registrants to skip paying online, they will have a "skipped" tag next to their payment status within the manage players view for the division and within the members tab for your organization. This makes it much easier to keep track of people who have decided to pay offline, either in person with cash or check for example, and not with their credit card on Rsportz.

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