As an organization administrator, you can select languages for your site visitors to choose from should they prefer a language other than English. Consider the membership base of your organization for these selections.  Keep in mind that Google Translate may not be able to provide accurate translations of all page content as some terms may be shown with incomplete context, formal/informal usage, based on cultural slang, specific to the sport, intentional misspelling or abbreviations.  Organization, team and player names have been protected from translation.

Steps to Enable Translation Languages;

1) Log into your RSportz account

2) Select "Organization" from left navigation bar on the admin panel > Click "Edit Details"

3) Click the "Enable Google Translate for this and all child organizations?" Checkbox 

4) Click the drop down labeled "Select languages for google translate"

You can select one or multiple languages from the drop down, but at least one must be selected after enabling google translate.

If a child org turns on translation, the org admin of that child org can only see a list of languages selected by parent org. The child org can select one or more translation language from the language list set by the parent org.