Online Refunds

RSportz guarantees that all associated transaction fees are refunded to the end purchaser for any online transaction that is processed by us and refunded through us.  These transaction fees are prorated for partial refunds where the full transaction amount is not refunded (e.g. a refund for an item on the order instead of the entire order amount.)  Due to bank processing, the refund may take up to 5-7 business days to reach the recipient's credit card account.


For a limited time, RSportz will absorb the initial $15 bank fee for each chargeback process incurred by your end purchaser.  This fee also gets refunded back to RSportz when a dispute has successfully overturned with a winning result.  All refunded amounts from a chargeback will be pulled from your account which may initially happen automatically by the card services or on your behalf by RSportz when you choose not to act, in which case your organization will be notified.  It is still your prerogative to dispute any chargeback that arises by submitting evidence through our services if you feel the end purchaser's charge was correctly placed.  To learn more about chargebacks, you can look here.