What it means

The customer says that you continued to charge them after a subscription was canceled.

Required to overturn dispute

Demonstrate that the membership was still active and that the customer was aware of, and did not follow, your cancellation procedure.

How to respond

First, get in touch with your customer. If you understand what they believe happened, there is a chance for you to explain the misunderstanding or to make it right. If you’re able to resolve the issue with your customer, getting them to close the dispute from their end is by far the best way for you to make sure a dispute is resolved in your favor. If they agree to do this, you should still submit evidence for the dispute. The evidence should include a statement that the cardholder said they would withdraw the dispute (including the email if you corresponded by email), as well as the evidence below.

    • Cancellation Policy: Your membership cancellation policy, as shown to the customer.

    • Cancellation Policy Disclosure: An explanation of how and when the customer was shown your cancellation policy prior to purchase.

    • Cancellation Rebuttal: A justification for why the customer’s subscription was not canceled.

    • Customer Communication: (If available) a notification sent to the customer of a renewal or continuation of the membership, or an acknowledgement from the customer of their continued use after the date they claim they canceled the membership.

    How to prevent it

    Promptly cancel memberships  upon request, and provide your customer with a confirmation of the cancellation. Make clear on your signup page that your customers are agreeing to a recurring charge and include information about whether or not you plan to notify the customer before each recurring charge. Make sure cancellation procedures are clearly communicated to your customers.