Chargebacks occur when a customer questions the charge on their account with their bank or credit card company. Rsportz's policy on chargebacks and refunds can be found here. When a chargeback occurs a dispute is opened, giving you the chance to provide evidence that the charge was in fact valid. Depending on the type of dispute there is different forms of evidence you may have to provide. In most cases simply contacting the customer can resolve most chargeback disputes, but if this is not successful below is a list of the different chargebacks reasons with a brief description of what it is, and a link to a more detailed article on what you need to do to prove the charge was valid.

Chargeback Reason:

  • Fraudulent - The card owner says they did not authorize the charge.

  • Unrecognized - The customer does not recognize the charge appearing on their card.

  • Product Unacceptable - The product or service was received, but was defective, damaged, or not as described.

  • Credit Not Processed - The customer says the purchased product or service was returned/cancelled, but has not yet been refunded or credited.

  • Duplicate - The customer says their card was charged multiple times for one product/service.