It is possible to use your custom domain to point to more than one organization by configuring more than one subdomain. This can be useful if you have a parent organization with multiple child organizations. In this article, we'll go over how to set up subdomains for your custom domain. For this demonstration, we will be using as our DNS provider, but these steps should apply to your DNS provider even if it isn't GoDaddy.

Setting your DNS Connections to point to RSportz:

  1. Log into your custom domain's provider's site, GoDaddy in this case, and find your domain.

  2. Click the Use My Domain button to start. On the next page, select "Connect to an existing site"

  3. On the Destinations page, scroll to the bottom and put the domain for your RSportz org in the box labeled "Forward To Any Site". You can simply forward to but if you already have another website you are forwarding to, you can enter that instead. Click next after you have entered the url.

  4. We aren't done yet, we still need to set our DNS Connections to point to our RSportz pages. To do this, click on Manage DNS.

  5. We are going to add two CNAME records in this example, but the number of CNAME's you add will reflect the number of RSportz organizations you are setting up. First, we will set up the parent organizations subdomain as www. You can use whatever subdomain you like, but I want to set up my parent org to display as

    The second subdomain we will be setting up will be the child org. You will need as many of these as you have child orgs. For this example, the subdomain will be, but you can set it to be anything you want, like or Repeat this step until all of your subdomains are configured

  6. Now that we have our DNS Properly configured, we can move on to RSportz to finish the configuration.

Setting your Organization to use your Custom Domain:

  1. With our DNS Configured, we can go to our organization and log in to configure our custom domain settings on RSportz. We are going to start with the parent organization first. When on the admin panel, click organization in the left sidebar to take you to the Organization Edit page.

  2. When you get to that page, you will see a checkbox labeled "Use a Custom Domain?". Check that box and a field should show up. Since we are configuring the parent organization, we want to enter the proper subdomain to reflect that. We will enter for this example, but you should enter your own custom domain with the subdomain you configured for it. Click the "Test your custom domain" button to ensure everything is working. If it works, scroll to the bottom and click save. If you get an error saying "This subdomain's CNAME is not pointing to RSportz", then you need to go back to GoDaddy or your DNS provider and check your configuration. Sometimes changes take a long time to propagate over the internet, so if your configuration seems correct but RSportz still says your domain is incorrectly configured, you may have to wait up to a day before your domain forwarding works.
  3. Now we will set up the child org in the same way. Go to the child orgs admin panel and select organization from the left sidebar. Check the "Use a Custom Domain?" box and put your custom domain. In this case, I will be entering, but you should enter your own custom domain with the subdomain you configured for it. Test this domain and save it if it works. Repeat this step until all of your child orgs are properly configured.