This article is a breakdown of the season public pages. You can find an organization's public pages by finding their list of competitions and clicking on the season you are looking for.

Season Overview

A.) The Season Metrics section displays the number of divisions, teams, games, and athletes that are a part of the season. 

B.) The Location section displays the address of where the competition will be taking place. There is also a mini map with the address pinned. 

C.) The Countdown to Start section shows how much time is left until the season begins.

D.) The Event section will display the season description that was written by the org admin.


A.) Site visitors can search for specific divisions by Age Group, Skill Level, and or Gender.

B.) The Divisions column contains every division associated with the season. There are general details about each division listed underneath their names. Each division name also contains a link to that division's overview page. 

C.) The Athletes column shows the number of athletes that are registered in each division. The total number of athletes in the entire season is listed next to the column heading. The column heading also contains a link that redirects you to the Registered Athletes page. The total athlete numbers per division also contain links that redirect you to stats page for that division. 

D.) The Next Game column displays the date and time of the next scheduled game for each division. The date/time contains a link that will bring you to the scoring page for that division's next game. If a game has live scoring, this is the page that you will be redirected to.

Master Schedule

The Master Schedule contains every scheduled game for the season. We have broken up one game slot into three different sections in order to better explain the different components of the schedule.   

A.) This section contains the game's date, time, division, and location. The division name contains a link that leads to the division's overview page. Also, clicking on the location will open google maps with the game's location already entered. 

B.) This section contains information about each team participating in the game. The home team is on the left and the away team is on the right. You can see each team's logo and name. Team names have links that lead to their team's overview pages.

C.) This section contains links to Live-Scoring and Head to Head

D.) Click Show Completed to see all the games that have been played, scored, and finalized. 

Registered Athletes 

A.) Site visitors can find registered athletes by searching through the available list or by using the search bar.

B.) The Athlete column contains all the registered athletes in the season. The athlete's name contains a link to their universal athlete profile, but only org admins and the athletes themselves can access the profile.

C.) The Team column contains the team that each athlete belongs to. The team names contain a link that leads to the team roster page.

D.) The Division column contains the name of the divisions that each athlete is a part of. Clicking on the division name with redirect you to the Division Overview page.

E.) The Placement column will begin to populate as games are scored and finalized. This column is only used for knockout games. 

On every season public page, underneath the navigation panel, are two sections regarding game information. The first section is Recent Results, which contains information about the most recently played game. The second section is Upcoming Games, which shows the date, time, and location of the next set of games. The title of this section will change depending on the type of competition.