This article is a breakdown of the division public pages. These pages can be accessed by clicking on the links provided in the Divisions page of the season public pages.

Division Overview

A.) In this section, you can see the current team standings for the division. The abbreviation G, for goals, will change to P, for points, for games that do not use the term goals.

  • POS = Position
  • GP = Games Played
  • W = Win(s)
  • L = Loss(es)
  • T = Tie(s)
  • PTS = Points
  • GF = Goals For
  • GA = Goals Against
  • GD = Goals Difference
  • W% = Win Percentage (This is calculated by dividing the number of wins by the number of game played.)

B.) The top scoring athletes in the division are displayed in this section.

C.) The athletes with the most infractions are listed in this section.

Division Schedule

  • The division schedule has the same functionality as the Master Schedule found on the season public pages. The only difference is that the division schedule lists the number of wins and losses that a team has accumulated.
  • At the top of the schedule page, you will Today's Games if the competition is tournament style or This Week's Games if the competition is league style.
  • Scrolling down the page will bring you to the division's full game schedule. A playoff game schedule will also display if applicable.

Division Standings

  • This page has the same team standings information that was displayed in the¬†Division Overview page. If the division has playoffs, the playoff games will show up here.

Division Stats

  • Since org admins can choose to remove the division stats page, you may or may not be able to see it.
  • GP - Games Played
  • G - Goals
  • A - Assists
  • PTS - Points

  • The Playoffs page will only display for divisions that have playoff games. This will open a playoff game bracket in a new browser tab.
  • This page will be labeled Bracket¬†for knockout games.¬†