As a coach, you can enter a new AAU ID for members on your team from the coaches dashboard. This can be used if your player is assigned a new AAU ID and they need to be updated on the RSportz platform. 

To update a players AAU ID, start by going to the Coaches Dashboard. More information on the Coaches Dashboard can be found here.

After you have successfully navigated to the coaches dashboard, you should see the players on your team in a list. At this point, you're already almost done. Click the icon in the top right closer to the player name. This icon is the button used to open the AAU ID Edit Panel.

With the panel open, you need to enter the players AAU ID and Zip Code. The third text box displayed, labeled status, will tell you if the numbers you entered are valid or not. If the numbers are invalid, you will be unable to save the ID entered. 

When you have entered a valid AAU ID, then you can save the member and that's it. You're done.